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Cabling and Installation

Cable Crew

The dust, the climbing, the reaching and peering in the darkness of the recesses, and the conduits of an office computer network. Someone needs to do it. Someone needs to pull those data cables and run them all to the hub, where they are meticulously zip-tied and plugged in. Who? A CTI employee with ceiling debris on their shoulder and in their hair. That’s who. They’re taking the loose ends and making them all connect, sometimes in the middle of the night when everyone else has gone home, sometimes over the weekend when they wont be seen or heard. You might never even know he was there, organizing your pathways and router points. Cabling and installation guy, we thank you.

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Network Cabling and Installation

Imagine one day you’re walking down the hall toward your office after a third cup of coffee. Halfway down the hall, you see a man standing on a yellow ladder with his head up in the ceiling tiles. Don’t worry. That’s just a member of CTI’s cabling and installation crews. In 2001 CTI acquired a cabling and telephony firm whom we had previously subcontracted work to. We liked their work-ethic and general disposition, so we took them on board and gave them all red polo shirts. Today, CTI is a leading telecommunications contractor and integrator in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Dozens and often hundreds of wires are run all over a site, criss-costing and splitting in every direction. It’s easy to let them pile up, then just plug everything in, and try to get everything working. Some installers say they’ll worry about organizing later, once the kinks are worked out. We come across these rats’ nests all the time where an installer planned to organize things later, but “later” never came. With all of the systems to be wired at a site, and so many things that can go wrong in so many ways, it’s important to be meticulous through every step of the installation. It’s important to understand all of the systems involved in a building, and ingrate them harmoniously. In the end, it’s well worth the effort.

For new construction the best time to install cabling and components is when the building frame is up, after electrical and plumbing has been installed, but before the drywall is hung. This way, no obstacles will be in the way of accessing all data points. However, if that ideal isn’t possible, CTI installation crews are just as willing to snake cables through walls and stick their heads up through the ceiling tiles.

Our crews are prepared to handle whatever integrated infrastructure your facility calls for.

Computer Network Installations etc

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