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Knowledge and Dedication

““blood from cuts on sharp PC cases. They didn’t always smooth down the edges. They used to be just stamped sheet metal, and they had jagged edges like saw teeth. It’s not a problem anymore, but I bled into a lot of my own computers in the 80s and 90s.” —A CTI Employee

Hardware Sales

We are interested in computer hardware at CTI. We make machines out of disparate components. We read articles about parts and new devices. Laying around the office are worn catalogs from vendors, distributers, and manufacturers. We leave them on the coffee table, and leaf through them from time to time, like an art book. We know what new chips are coming out, speeds and price versus performance. Seeing the horizon of available options as technology moves forward isn't just our business; it's our passion.

Tell us your specific needs and we’ll put together a quote for a professional grade hardware solution which will harmonize your different systems to help run your business reliably for years. All hardware we sell comes with a robust warranty, and will be performed by a trained technician. Unforeseen bottle-necks in the system will be worked out on-site or in our staging area until proper functionality and performance is achieved.

Consider our HAAS Program (Hardware as a Service) for a completely unburdened full-cycle computer hardware experience.

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