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Network Design


…at the land’s end a salt-encrusted lighthouse rises from a sanding shoal, its beacon slowly sweeping over a coal black ocean. Waves break their spines against the rocks, and the ray of golden light is forever searching that expanse of loneliness and great possibilities. Not far from the coast, a ship moves low on the surface, undulating with the surf, and parting the sea like a keen blade. Under sails that are fat and full of fury, the brave are headed out into the expanse. They seek fortune…

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Computer Network Design and consultant

CTI Technial Services is a computer consulting firm delivering network design, information architecture, and support. Our network engineers have decades of experience designing the best solutions to meet our clients' technical needs.

We've helped business sectors including Medical, Hospatality, Charter Schools, Industrial, Municipal, and many more meet the challenges unique to their field.

Over the past quarter of a century the employees of CTI have worked together in one capacity or another. Over that time we've built a reputation in several sectors and disciplines traversing the expanding breadth of computing while watching the internet emerge and take shape. During these tumultuous times the keystone of our business has always remained the same: designing computer networks for our customers using the latest technologies and practices.

Tucked away out of sight, behind or above the walls and ceilings of your office, lies another substrate of architecture: your data infrastructure. These network components and the wires that bind them must be laid firmly just like each stone in a tower. The method and documentation of a business network must be sound from the outset, lest when the future shifts and the digital landscape changes, the mortar of your financial dreams will become sand and crumble.

Experience has taught us well. The questions we've faced over the years have given us not only an instinct for those timeless breakpoints which must be bolstered in every network but a knack for predicting future developments, and a feel for how to best lay a foundation to last a company into its maturity.

Moving Forward

…They seek fortune, won by the grace of their rigid keel. The ship's customs paid to Neptune in the form of strong sails and valor, their vessel makes way for strange lands, and fresh opportunity…

So what do we need to do when designing networks to be as successful as possible? When designing a computer network, what is necessary so it doesn't all go wrong? There will be swells and breaks on the sea of technology. Analyzing every aspect of the job, from what arrangement of components and processor speed will allow a machine to remain future proof, to where each wireless router and base station should go to provide your structure with complete Wi-Fi coverage, allows us to integrate the data world with the world of your workplace. Our natural experience in the nuts and bolts of networking allows the confidence of integrating established technologies with industry specific technologies of your workplace. For instance we have technicians certified in the installation and repair of dental x-ray and digital imaging equipment to better serve our dental clients and gain more intimate knowledge of every component of their practice.

Our design fits your working environment. The launch and roll-out schedule is tailored to your work schedule and operational imperatives. Every workplace is different. Logistical elements are conceptualized with the future in mind. In years to come, when something goes amiss, you'll know your way is clear because your network has been designed with failsafes, redundancy of critical components for quick recovery, and with every part configured for fast diagnostic and repair in mind. Look forward to a clear sky and hard winds in your sail everyday, without worry.

Once a systems engineer visits your site and assesses your needs and opportunities for growth, our proposal will be readied and issued to your offices. Upon approval, a specific plan and contract will function as blueprint to the installation of your computer network. CTI offers four levels of Workplace Management to keep your business environment running smoothly going forward. These levels of support are designed to allow you and your employees to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

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