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Technical Support

Let us take care of IT for you.

“I don’t know. My nephew set it up.” —Last words of a well meaning business owner before finding out how much time and money they had wasted.

Click to find out more about becoming a CTI Support Client. CTI's introductory consultations are no-cost.
Scheduled and Emergency Technical Support

Avoid hourly fees with CTI's Managed Workplace Plans. We also offer per-call billing for IT Support and Help Desk.

Help Desk &
On-Site Tech Support

You can have everything working right. You can know your computer support is being handled by professionals using best practices and the latest solutions. Like any IT service, CTI will answer your questions and help you make the best choices for your business. What sets us apart is our commitment to the "value add" strategy. "What more can we be doing to help our clients navigate emerging technologies and keep their network working flawlessly?" is an on-going topic in our team meetings.

Support Plans

Whichever plan you choose, our data protection and ongoing support let you and your employees focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Managed Workplace

Emergency Service

If your server is down or you suspect your network has become compromised by a virus you can call CTI's Emergency Service line around the clock. Technicians are always on call to respond to a critical event. To reach our emergency line call our offices at (215) 395-8900 and press 4.

Our emergency service line is available even if you are not currently a CTI client. Let us know your current situation and we will coordinate an effort to get you back up and running smoothly day or night.

Filling Only One Barrel

How many barrels is your company trying to fill at the same time?

CTI operates and does business according to the principle of only filling one barrel. You will fill your barrel faster by filling only one. If you are a beer brewer and you would like some wine, don’t start a vineyard. Buy some wine from a winery, and keep filling your barrel with beer. The wine will be better. The beer will be better. Everyone is better off.

CTI focuses on those avenues of technology at which we excel. We would never consider repairing our own vans, or buying lumber and constructing our new building. We wouldn’t mow our own lawn even though we might do it at home. We keep to what we do well and made us successful and what has earned our customer's trust and loyalty.

In an office without adequate IT support trouble shooting is often left to the employees. Hardware and software glitches often get “temporary” workarounds slapped onto them. After a while, convoluted solutions to otherwise simple problems become routine. Your staff will get used to workarounds like, emailing files to themselves, and opening them on their personal laptops to print them because the printer at the front desk stopped working five months ago. What they won't get used to how aggravating it's become to complete simple tasks around the office.

Bringing in a friend or nephew who “knows computers” can quickly create deeper problems when well-intended solutions open the network up to greater problems. Even hiring an eager, inexpensive computer technician can backfire if you end up with someone who will be learning from their mistakes while misconfiguring your network.

Stopgaps like these wont put to rest the uncertainty of network security, reliable backups, or questions of whether your digital environment is operating at full potential and using the latest innovations in your industry.

It all begins with a CTI network consultant visiting your office to do a free network audit.

CTI has a fleet of cars and vans, and a staff of uniformed systems engineers ready to go. We have a powerful network operations center, and a team who has been together for decades. Let us take care of IT for you.

CTI Technical Services • 1810 County Line Road, Suite 408 • Huntingdon Valley PA 19006 • E-Mail: • Phone: (215) 395-8900 • Fax: (215) 355-4907

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