Backing up is a must! If some type of disaster happens, knowing your data is safe can mean a world of difference between an urgent phone call, or a major loss for your business. Getting your data backed up locally, and getting your data backed up to the cloud is a necessity.

CTI Data Storage & Recovery Tips: 

  • When faced with a file recover situation - CONTACT SUPPORT IMMEDIATELY
  • Ensure your laptops are coordinating with the backup and that they aren't missing their scheduled upload time.
  • Do you have enough room in your storage device, and enough room in your cloud storage plan in order to keep a thorough timeline of your system's state?
    • The more space you have available - the more dates are available for recovery. 
  • All new machines using your network need to be registered with CTI and configured for automated management including backups.
  • We recommend NAS (Network Attached Storage) for all critical system backups. 
  • We recommend CTI's VIP Platinum Plan for 24/7 response concerting all emergencies. 
  • Medical & Dental Practices:
    • The Pennsylvania Statute (§563.6) discusses how microfilm should be handled, and it also states that patient records must be maintained for 7 years following the discharge of a patient, or until 7 years after the patient's 18th birthday. 
    • Delaware's Statute (§1761) requires the same 7 years.
    • New Jersey's Statute (§26:8-5) maintains that patient records must be kept for 10 years, or until the patient reaches 23 years of age, or whichever is the longer period of time.