The basic premise of backups is redundancy of data, the more duplications that we store of your files then the stronger your backup will be. There should be a copy of your device or saver, a copy on your local back-up drive, and a copy offsite with several iterations of that remote backup copy propagated throughout the cloud.

How frequently your files get backed-up is very important as well. There is no reason to lose even an hour of work if you are using non-stop incremental backups. Files are only handled when created or changed, the frequency of posts to the backup can be increased hourly, or even minute to minute. Maintaining an instantaneous and constant recovery system without any further action beyond the initial set up.

Backup frequency of large businesses or practice management databases are limited to the structure of the database. Some management software can only be backed up once, (nightly). CTI can determine what is the best and most reliable backup solution for your chosen software package and intranet configuration.

CTI offers several managed workplace options. All of our plans including our CTI Connection feature off-site backups that are scaled to the size of your data needs. Our base offering starts at 100GB of cloud storage supporting 90 days of incremental backups, and 30 day compressed snapshots. The size of your off-site storage will vary depending on your usage.

We recommend a NAS (Network Attached Storage) to handle all of your on-site backups. The redundant drives of a NAS offers greater data integrity in the case of a hardware outage. Removing computational strain of file transfer from the server, increases speed system-wide.

Whether it is getting one lost file back, or restoring an entire system to a previous state, the entire operation is often accomplished remotely without a CTI technician visiting your site. However, in an event that a specific situation calls for an on-site visit a technician will be dispatched in a timely manner

Our VIP Platinum Plan customers may receive an onsite visit from an CTI technical to verify the transfer, and to test the restored data. Whether onsite or remotely, every ounce of time and consideration is taken to protect the integrity of our customers' data.