Your data is important, private, and in some cases illegal to share.

Just like shredding sensitive documents before putting them in the garbage, hard-drives and other media need to be wiped clean of all data before it can be repurposed or discarded.

As part of CTI's recycling program, every hard drive in our care that is marked for secure destruction is erased, and then overwritten with static information and finally destroyed. Our data blanking system is the equivalent of shredding a document, burning it, and then burying the ashes.

The removal and secure destruction of media and data is covered under CTI's HAAS Program. 

We don't throw anything away, all non-secure hardware at the end of it's lifecycle is also recycled by CTI. Each device or machine is disassembled and repurposed by component, or by material.

With CTI Connection and The HAAS Program - your data is safe from the first byte of your backup image to the last erased disk sector.