Out of the menagerie of virus attacks, RansomWare (CryptoWall, CryptoLocker) is the most threatening for users, businesses, and networks. Typically, RansomWare is delivered in an email, making false claims.


For instance, a FedEx delivery, these scams lure unsuspecting users into opening up an attachment or visiting a webpage. Within a few short hours the entire network is infected, the virus courses through the network seeking any file that it can access and encrypting files making the entire system unusable. The virus will then leave a message demanding payment in exchange for the key to un-encrypt the drive on their network.


The operators of these RansomWare scams see themselves as businessmen, the days of hackers making viruses simply to prove that they can are long gone. These criminals discovered an easy way to extort money at no-cost to themselves from victims all over the world.


As with other viruses, the best prevention is a combination of backups, anti-virus, and education. Here at CTI, we recommend a NAS (Network Attached Storage) for local backups, along with an off-site cloud based solution.