While you're worried about all of the people trying to get to your data and infect your software, DON'T forget there are plenty of people who would just grab your laptop bag and run! Most offices aren't swimming with criminals. But, there are some environments where expensive equipment is kept in unsecured areas.


CTI installs surveillance equipment, anti-theft devices, keyless entries, and emergency systems to help avoid any of theft/loss problems. 


Sometimes, the data that is on a laptop or a device is more valuable than the actual device itself. In the case where a someone has ran off with your computer containing sensitive information, you want to know that there is no way for that criminal to access your data. Use of system-wide encryption ensures that they must discard the machine or find a way to erase the encrypted storage before even being able to use it. Confidence in this situation of powerlessness is built from a complete and solid security protocol.