Just a 7 letter word that defines something that we never want to come in contact with - HACKERS.   ...

Theft & Loss

While you're worried about all of the people trying to get to your data and infect your software, DON'T forget there are plenty of people who would just grab your laptop bag and run! Most offices aren't swimming with criminals. But, ...

Computer Viruses

Modern viruses have become far worse than they use to be. Distributers of viruses and malware are more often criminals than pranksters whose product is designed to gather information which can be sold to other thieves, or used to steal ...


Out of the menagerie of virus attacks, RansomWare (CryptoWall, CryptoLocker) is the most threatening for users, businesses, and networks. Typically, RansomWare is delivered in an email, making false claims.

The Endgame

Your data is important, private, and in some cases illegal to share. Just like shredding sensitive documents before putting them in ...

Data Storage & Recovery Tips

Backing up is a must! If some type of disaster happens, knowing your data is safe can mean a world of ...

The Backup Plan

The basic premise of backups is redundancy of data, the more duplications that we store of your files then the stronger ...

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