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What Is Keeping You Up At Night Regarding This Upcoming School Year? 

We had a chance to learn more about what's keeping educators up at night by Zooming with some of Philadelphia's finest educators. Check out what they had to say about these topics!

Thoughts on the upcoming school year - Accessibility.

How are schools ensuring that all students are able to access the technology, content, and human relationships in equitable ways?

Thoughts on the upcoming school year - Social Presence and Relationship Building.

How are schools ensuring students, faculty and families are building positive rapport and establishing relationships in the virtual setting that support student success?

Thoughts on the upcoming school year - Delivery of Content.

What strategies, systems, and technology tools are teachers using to ensure continuity of learning, delivery of content, and authentic engagement in a hybrid learning environment.

Thoughts on the upcoming school year - Management of Hardware & Data - Security.

Do schools have the infrastructure, security software, hardware, technical support and support systems to maintain a safe virtual learning environment?

Thoughts on the upcoming school year - Evidence of Student Learning & Assessment.

How are data-informed schools ensuring that student learning loss and new learning progress is authentically assessed in a virtual setting?

Thoughts on the upcoming school year - Teacher Workload & Human Resources.

In what ways are schools considering the needs and demands of faculty when it comes to scheduling, daily professional and personal responsibilities, and systems of professional learning?

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