Disaster Recovery Planning for The Greater Philadelphia- Metropolitan Area

Prepare Your Organization For Man-Made And Natural Disasters


Does your organization have a plan of action if disaster strikes? Is your data backed up and ready to go in the event of a catastrophe? You are leaving your business to chance by not having a disaster recovery plan or by employing substandard data backups with limited functionality.

CTI’s Disaster Recovery Planning ensures that your business can be operational in minutes after a disaster strikes. We work closely with your in-house departments, from support staff to c-level executives, to develop strategies for how to continue operations in any worst case scenario.

CTI’s Disaster Recovery Planning includes:

  • Data backup - tapeless backup and constant monitoring keep your data secure in off-site data centers
  • Business continuity plan - prioritize and sustain essential functions, business processes, and systems


Get peace of mind knowing that your business is ready to withstand any type of disaster.