Administration and teachers have their hands full keeping up with the growing demand, as well as the shifting policies of the School District. With numerous office workstations and hundreds of student bound laptops and devices, any downtime can result in a cascade of lost time and confusion.


We have learned the best IT support solutions to face the challenges of an educational institution on a daily basis, and we have continued to learn more over the course of many years. We provide you with having one point of contact for all your technology needs.

Recommended Services for Schools

We provide you with having one point of contact for all of your technology needs. All of CTI's services are done under one roof so there is never a stutter in communication between departments, and you will talk to a friendly and familiar voice who will help take care of your IT issues.

The safety and security of K-12 students is paramount to everything we do for our schools. We are here to help keep your school information safe, and avoid disasters from happening such as:

  • Cyber Hacking
  • System Crash
  • Severe Damage

Securing your data back up and safeguarding your stored records and PII (personal identifiable information) of your students and staff is key.

Let us assist you and help you from avoiding any catastrophic disasters. CTI's security and network audits are a FREE - NO COST SERVICE that we provide to K-12 schools in the Philadelphia-Metropolitan Area.

CTI's IT support model for school includes time dedicated to meeting the demands of a modern education environment. Our technicians are specifically trained to understand and support K-12, and the overall needs of a school.

With our help of our dedicated technicians, your computer network will function smoothly and provide a bedrock foundation for success. Combined with the rest of our staff applying their own expertise to your systems, your network will run efficiently.

Moving to the cloud and using Microsoft 365 allows you to house your curriculum, materials, syllabi, and more.

Students can receive and access their assignments and complete them online, and can communicate with their teachers and others in an environment that is safe, open, and clear.

Using Gmail and Yahoo email accounts for your school's communication is a thing of the past.

CTI can set you up with a professional, and legitimate email address!

Social media can be an important factor for first impressions to everyone, especially parents. This is often how parents, students, and others get their first look in the image and the life of a specific school.

Let our SMO experts help, and get your school's image in accord with the goals of a SMO/SEO clinic.

What We Offer

  • Attendance Systems
  • Synchronized Clock Systems
  • Smart Boards
  • Classroom AV
  • Security Systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Emergency Systems

Education + Technology Services From One Single Partnership!

Learn More How We Can Help

We got the chance to Zoom with some of Philadelphia's finest educators to learn more about what is keeping them up at night - check out what they had to say in these YouTube videos.

Rapid Responsiveness and Superior Customer Service

CTI provides superior customer service while implanting IT solutions that save us time and money. They are not just an outsourced IT company, they are a part of the family. If you want an IT company that is professional and on top of the latest trends and technology, then CTI Tech is the company for you.

John Jordan Director of Finance
Discovery Charter School – West Philadelphia, PA

Caring Customer Service with Reliable Technical Support

My call is always answered in a professional manner and the service is done quickly and efficiently. We have older equipment and when we had a fire and the equipment was damaged, they found all the parts to get our school back in operation in 2 days. Unbelievable!

Daryl Lavong IT Manager
People for People Charter School
North Philadelphia, PA