Network Cabling for Greater Philadelphia - Metropolitan Area 

Improve Your Network’s Performance With Well-Designed Cabling And Installation

Poor wiring can create bottlenecks when transferring files or media streaming. Also, not all cables are created equal and choosing the wrong ones can result in poor call quality or impaired video conferencing capabilities. Incorrect cabling implementation can be very expensive to overhaul. This is where the trained engineers at CTI can step in.

We provide a comprehensive range of cabling and installation services for businesses and organizations in Philadelphia. We specialize in structured cabling for voice, data, video, and other aspects of your IT environment. CTI believes in doing things right from the start, ensuring optimal network performance.

CTI’s Structured Cabling Lets You:


  • Simplify management - a single point of contact for all your cabling needs
  • Ensure fast ROI - lower maintenance and repair expenses with unified data, voice, and video systems
  • Be scalable - add new systems with ease by taking advantage of the high bandwidth that comes with a well-designed network
  • Be flexible - a consolidated wiring system makes it easy to move to a new location if needed


Let us help you build a safer and more streamlined network.